NDSMagic v1.6

Ever tried getting a report on NDS objects out of NWAdmin or Console1?
Tried formatting the output from NList into something usable?

Organisations now have large amounts of information in their NDS. The NDS is used to control users, what they can access, what applications they can run, when they can log in, and a host of other items.
Extracting this information out of the NDS for reporting or QA checking has always been difficult.

NDSMagic is designed to solve these problems and allow Administrators, and any user with read access to the NDS, to extract whatever information they need, in whatever format they need.

To Order :
Name : NDSMagic
Version : 1.6
Last Update : September 22 2003
Single License: $US 40.00
Site License: $US 135.00
Client Requirements: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003 with Novell Client
Server Requirements: Netware 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or 6.5
Download Size: 342 kb


  • Easy to use Windows interface
  • Fully 32-bit throughout
  • Allows you to search on from any part of the nds tree, and on any object type
  • Any or all of the attributes can be returned
  • Choice of 3 report styles - Tabular, Tabular Cross or non-Tabular
  • Multi-valued attributes are handled in several ways
  • Results are displayed on the screen and/or exported to file.
  • Unused attributes can be automatically hidden.
  • Searches can be saved and re-loaded
  • Batch mode supported enabling automatic, scheduled scans


  • A single copy of NDSMagic is US$40.
  • A site license allowing unlimited users within your organization is US$135
  • NDSMagic is included as part of our Master Site License

Purchasing NDSMagic

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