Registering a Program

All our products are sold as shareware, available on a try before you buy basis. In each case the core function of each program is fully functional, but some of the additional "nice to have" features are not enabled until the program is purchased.

When you purchase a program you will receive an activation key, which when entered will enable the additional features and remove the beg screens. Unless otherwise specified, your activation key will work on all future versions of the program. There is no ongoing maintenance charge.

General ordering information is detailed below. Please see the specific product pages for costs and direct links to the on-line ordering screens.

Ways to Buy

We have a number of ways to order our products - on-line over the web, via the phone or via postal order.

We use a professional registration company called ShareIt to handle our on-line credit card orders. Shareit have a secure (SSL) system, and ordering is fast and simple. You will receive an e-mailed reply from us with your activation key. To order on-line, refer to the Purchasing section of the product you are interested in.

ShareIt will also take phone orders.
Orders can be placed on the following numbers - select the site most suitable for you.
NB. These numbers are for ordering only.

Country Phone Number Fax Number
USA +1 (952) 646 5747 +1 (952) 646 4552
Europe +49 221 31088-20 +49 221 31088-29

When ordering by phone or fax, please quote the following product IDs:

Product ShareIt ID Product ShareIt ID
DBatch Single License 103713 DBatch Site License 103714
DSpace Single License 100788 DSpace Site License 101007
LogDate Single License 106677 LogDate Site License 106678
NDSMagic Single License 153455 NDSMagic Site License 153456
NWExplore Single License 103715 NWExplore Site License 103716
SGadget Single License 102574 SGadget Site License 102573
SpaceCheck 20 user pack 102566
UGadget Single License 102575 UGadget Site License 102572
UserSpace Single License 101844 UserSpace Site License 101843
VGadget Single License 101846 VGadget Site License 101845
WatchGadget Single License 300035081 WatchGadget Site License 300035082
WhoHasIt Single License 100778 WhoHasIt Site License 100789
WhoHasNT Single License 103181 WhoHasNT Site License 103182
wNDIR Single License 100787 wNDIR Site License 100786
Master Site Licence - Netware Suite 101218
Master Site Licence - Windows Suite 300035083

Postal Order/Purchase Orders We realise that not everyone has access to or is comfortable using on-line ordering systems. To purchase, please print out our order form and send it and a cheque or Purchase Order in $US to:

Andrew Cobb
38 Glenburnie Rd
Mitcham Vic 3132

Including an email address with your order will speed up processing.