RegGadget v1.0

RegGadget is a simple to use utility which is designed compare registry trees & values between machines.

It is ideal for System Admins, Technical staff and developers who need to diagnose or debug problems on Windows based desktops and servers.

You simply select the machines to be compared and the starting point in the registry. RegGadget will then connect and compare the registrys.

The results will be displayed in a color coded, easy to understand format.

Why would I use RegGadget ?

Examples of use include :

  • System Admins diagnosiing and fixing problems with software running on servers.
  • Technical staff debugging why a program works on one desktop and not another.
  • Developers pushing test configurations to test machines.
To Order :
Name : RegGadget
Version : 1.0
Last Update : Oct 20 2006
Single License: $US 25.00
Site License: $US 125.00
Client Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003
Server Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003
Download Size: 1.3 MB


  • Easy to use Windows interface
  • RegGadget can compare the local machine with a remote one, or two remote machines.
  • Differences found can be pushed from Machine A to B or vice versa.
  • RegGadget can find missing keys & values and/or just those that are missing.
  • No special setup, dll's or OCX's are required.


  • A single copy of RegGadget is US$25.
  • A site license allowing unlimited users within your organization is US$125
  • RegGadget is also part of our Master Site License

Purchasing RegGadget

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