StopGadget v1.0

StopGadget is a simple to use utility which is designed to prevent or monitor users creating certain types of files on your servers.

You configure StopGadget to monitor one or more paths on a server (e.g. D:\data) for certain types of files (e.g. *.mp3; *.exe)

You then tell StopGadget what action should be performed when such a file is created - Delete, Move or Log.

From then on, it is set and forget. StopGadget will silently monitor the server, and deal with any of the specified files in an efficient manner.

Why would I use StopGadget ?

Examples of use include :

  • To stop users from using your file servers for storage of MP3's and other undesirable files
  • Block users from installing programs (*.exe) in their home directories
  • Simply logging the creation of files in certain locations.
To Order :
Name : StopGadget
Version : 1.0
Last Update : Aug 1 2005
Single License: $US 25.00
Site License: $US 125.00
Client Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003
Server Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003
Download Size: 2.1 MB


  • Easy to use Windows interface
  • The program can monitor multiple paths and multiple file masks simultaneously
  • StopGadget can monitor only those files which match a specific pattern - e.g. *.mp3
  • StopGadget can delete, move or simply log the nominated files
  • Full logging of activity is performed.
  • No special setup, dll's or OCX's are required.


  • A single copy of StopGadget is US$25.
  • A site license allowing unlimited users within your organization is US$125

Purchasing StopGadget

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